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NEO Survey Search Tool


NEO Survey Search

Enter the name(s) and/or designation(s) to find NEO Survey images for the object(s).

During your search, an ephemeris for the specified target will be generated, and a search carried out for NEO Survey images that could contain the specified target body. Matching images will be displayed on the results page. The images can be downloaded either individually or all in a zip file.

Currently, the following surveys are supported:

NOTE: The NEAT Tri-Cam dataset is still being archived. Only images that have been fully archived will be available for download.

The NEO Survey Search Tool gives access to the data files only. For access to the NEAT calibration files and log files, browse the PDS NEAT archive volumes directly. For a detailed overview of the NEAT data set, see the data set catalog file.

The NEO Survey search is powered by MOST.

Additional surveys are still pending archival. Until these other surveys have been archived, not all searches will return results. Some searches that return results are below: