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About the Small Bodies NEO Survey Search Tool

About the Small Bodies Node

The Small Bodies Node (SBN) is part of NASA's Planetary Data System (PDS). We specialize in archiving and distributing scientific data sets on asteroids, comets, small planetary satellites, and interplanetary dust. Our archive holdings include data from NASA missions, from groundbased telescopes, and from laboratory measurements.

About the NEO Survey Search Tool

The NEO Survey Search Tool is an online tool offered by the Small Bodies Node to provide access to archived NEO Survey data.

Ways to use the NEO Survey Search Tool

To find data on a specified target body, use the "Search" utility and enter the name of the body. Use the "Support/Feedback" link to ask questions, provide feedback, or report problems.

Included data

Currently, the following surveys are supported:

Logs and calibration files

For access to the NEAT calibration files and log files, browse the PDS NEAT archive volumes directly.

How to get to the SBN archive directly

If you prefer not to use the NEO Survey Search Tool, use the links below to get directly to the SBN archives.


If your research benefits from the NEO Survey Search Tool, please consider the following acknowledgment: "This research has made use of the Small Bodies NEO Survey Search Tool (http://sbn.psi.edu/neosearch/), supported by the NASA Planetary System."