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Some of the descriptions are word-wrapped strangely. Why is this?
The descriptions come from the dataset description files in the PDS. Since it is an ASCII format, some data providers have chosen to include ASCII art diagrams in their descriptions. For this reason, we must preserve all line breaks, and present descriptions in a monospace font.
Can I view polarimetry data through the Ferret?
No, but you can download it. We have determined that the polarimetry data is not well suited to displaying on the target page, but if polarimetry is available for a target, it will be listed on the target page for that target. If you click on the product name you will get to the product page, where you can view or download the data file.
I submitted a question through the contact page. When can I expect a response?
We will try to get back to you within one or two business days.
Will I be able to search by parameters other than target name?
The ability to search by different parameters is planned for a future release.
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